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The Digital Science Center

DiCe projects and milestones

DiCe projects are identified, prioritized and executed with the help of all players to turn vision into reality—in a spirit of innovation. DiCe projects involve one or more actors, each of whom is responsible for implementation within their respective area of business. The DiCe Coordination Desk performs coordination in projects involving more than one actor. DiCe projects ongoing and completed are publicized within the DiCe Forum to heighten transparency regarding the digitalization process at the University.

MATLAB license consolidation

Could a university-wide software solution be rolled out in support of scientific computing for research and teaching?

Use of Atlassian collaboration tools

What opportunities for collaboration in research and administration are afforded by the collaboration tools Confluence, Jira and Bitbucket?

Long-term considerations around videoconferencing

What role, in a long-term view, can or might videoconferencing play in teaching, research and administration? What system could afford us optimal support?

Development of a cloud strategy

How can we optimally capture the potential benefits of using modern cloud software? How can I choose the best provider? What are all the factors I should consider?

Cultivation of an open science culture

Research data management and open access are core issues pertinent to working in research in today’s age. How should we go about providing our researchers support?

Identity and access management

A uniform Uni-ID already provides access to the various IT services. How could the service interoperability be made even more user-friendly?

Redesign of PreCampus

The University has a student onboarding concept in place, in which pre-study courses feature prominently. What technical support will students be requiring for this going forward?

Virtual Collaboration (third-party funded project) 

Before we can start collaborating in a given area, the first step is to come up with a class room. So what virtual rooms can we find to make real collaboration work?

Transdisciplinary teaching with AI (third-party funded project)

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science. These have been hot topics in science and research of all kinds for quite some time now. What courses can we offer to lay important foundations for students in these areas?

Research information system with CRIS.NRW

561 professorships, 4,479 research staff, 6,890 doctoral students… Is it possible to have a research information system that can keep track of everything?

Rollout of Campus-App.NRW

What if you could fit the whole University into your hip pocket? Student transit pass, library card… What all could possibly fit into one single app?

Secure examination administration

Keeping our examination data secure is a top priority. Now we are looking to enhance security even further by rolling out a new campus management software. 

New HPC cluster (Bonna 2)

Cutting-edge research demands cutting-edge hardware. What kind of research findings might be obtainable now by adding on Bonna 2 as our second high-performance computer?

IT concepts for Hertz Chairs

What would an optimal IT infrastructure look like that would enable Hertz Professorship holders to devise new transdisciplinary research areas and methods?

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