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The Digital Science Center

A strategic center

As a central operating unit of the University of Bonn, the Digital Science Center (DiCe) is responsible for formulating, delivering and continuing to develop the Digital Strategy. It guides, coordinates and supports the University’s strategy development process. There are several strands to this process: a participatory approach, close ties between professors representing a department’s subjects at all levels of the hierarchy, and a focus on a shared, strategically focused organizational setup that can respond flexibly to a constantly changing environment. Embedded throughout the University thanks to cross-cutting meetings, the DiCe and its mandate, fields of operation and structures form the backbone of the governance structure that is delivering the University’s digital transformation.

DiCe’s fields of operation

Each of the fields of operation is geared toward connecting up and ensuring the strategic coordination of the relevant University stakeholders in each case. In the Teaching and Research fields of operation, these are primarily the students and staff working in these areas; in the Services field of operation, meanwhile, the central administrative and operating units as well as administrative staff in the various faculties are the key players.

Research field of operation

Avatar Mutzel

Prof. Dr. Petra Mutzel

Director of DiCe's Research field of operation

Within the Research field of operation, DiCe is working to strengthen the University’s research activities both internally and in international research alliances in a digitalization context. As well as furthering the development of methods, tools and infrastructure, this also includes engaging in dialogue on research pertaining to information technology and the digital transformation. To this end, it brings together the relevant University stakeholders in each case using appropriate formats and shares feedback and suggestions with the DiCe’s Board of Management and DiCe projects.

The High Performance Computing and Analytics Lab (HPC/A-Lab) forms an integral part of DiCe.

Teaching field of operation

Avatar Sandmann

Prof. Dr. Klaus Sandmann

Director of DiCe's Teaching field of operation

Within the Teaching field of operation, DiCe is helping to bring about the digital transformation of teaching and learning, which encompasses digital tools and techniques in training, digitalization as teaching content, and teaching focusing on specific target groups (e.g. in the context of internationalization or equal opportunity). In this, it brings together the relevant University stakeholders using appropriate formats and shares feedback and suggestions with the DiCe’s Board of Management and DiCe projects.

Services field of operation

Avatar Impekoven

Dr. Holger Impekoven

Director of DiCe's Services field of operation

Within the Services field of operation, DiCe works to promote the provision and continued development of an IT infrastructure that is fit for the future by coordinating the activities of the relevant University stakeholders. In particular, these include two central operating units—University IT and the Bonn University and State Library—as well as Central Administration’s IT and Computing Services division, the Bonn Center for Higher Education and the Digitalization of Administrative Processes Program. Its top priority is the continued development of IT infrastructure, including in consultation with the faculties’ IT support structures. Feedback and suggestions are shared with the DiCe’s Board of Management and DiCe projects.

Digitalization management in the faculties

The work to develop DiCe as a strategic center is being supported by parallel structural development processes in the various faculties. After putting central structures in place, the faculties have devised suitable governance structures for the internal coordination of strategic and operational issues relating to digitalization. Professional digitalization management representatives working in faculty administration play a key role in this process and provide a link with DiCe.

Digitalization management representatives

Group picture of the Digitalization management representatives
Digitalization management representatives, f.l.t.r.: Dr. Jens Barth, Mats Liedhegener, Petra Störring, Martin Stuke, Stephan Herritsch, Gregor Wiescholek © Volker Lannert / Universität Bonn

The DiCe's statute for download

University of Bonn strategies

Exzellence strategy

Since January 2019, the University of Bonn has had six Clusters of Excellence—more than any other university in Germany.


Internationalization efforts are of key importance to achieving further quality and competitiveness improvements across all areas of activity at the University of Bonn.

Guiding Principles for Degree Programs and Teaching

The University of Bonn adopts a combined approach to research and teaching to achieve a holistic union of research and pedagogy.

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