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Strategy development and joint work organization process: “From Vision to Project to Strategic Reality”

from vision to project to strategy reality
from vision to project to strategy reality © DiCe coordination desk

The digital strategy continues to undergo further development in parallel with its implementation as part of a dynamic, highly inter-networked process. This requires commitment on the part of the University to organizing work on digitalization issues in coordination, strategic fashion based on swiftly reached agreement on our shared vision. The process phases are roughly as follows:

Phase 1: Development of the digital strategy 

Subphase 1: Mapping visions (2020–2021)

In a participative process together with the faculties, compelling visions were mapped out for future work roles for the University’s various stakeholders, characterized as “personas.”

  • digital researcher
  • digital student
  • digital partner
  • digital lecturer
  • digital employee

Overarching issues concerning digitalization were to be taken into account in formulating these compelling visions:

  1. Internationality
  2. Equal Opportunity
  3. Sustainability

Subphase 1b: Projects (start 2020)

DiCe functions as a coordinator between the parties involved in joint DiCe projects, which include chiefly

  • University IT (HRZ)
  • University Central Administration, with the particular involvement of IT and Computing Services (Division 2) and the Digitalization of Administrative Processes program
  • the faculties, including particularly the IT support structures existing at the individual institutes and the Bonn Center for Teacher Education (BZL)
  • Bonn University and State Library (USL)
  • the Bonn Center for Higher Education (BZH)

DiCe projects are identified, prioritized and executed with the help of all players to turn vision into reality—in a spirit of innovation:

  • DiCe projects involve one or more actors,
  • each of whom is responsible for implementation within their respective area of business.
  • The DiCe Coordination Desk performs coordination for projects involving more than one actor.
  • DiCe projects both ongoing and completed are publicized within the DiCe Forum, documenting how the digitalization process is transpiring at the University.

The respective responsibilities of the DiCe Board, DiCe Forum and DiCe Coordination Desk are as follows:

  • Springboarding off the guiding visions defined, the DiCe Board initiates and evaluates DiCe projects, clarifying resource-related questions. The Board reports on its work in various cross-departmental committee meetings.
  • The DiCe Coordination Desk oversees these projects, reports to the Board on project status, and organizes the DiCe Forum.
  • The purpose of the DiCe Forum is to reach the broader public with publicity about DiCe projects, allowing suggestions, feedback and criticism to flow promptly back to project managers and the Board of Management.

Subphase 1c: Strategy paper (subphase ending 2023)

In anticipation of the next round in the Excellence contest, a detailed digital strategy is being outlined for approval setting forth objectives, program lines and milestones, broken down on the faculty level, incorporating experience from DiCe projects and results of ongoing dialog in various cross-departmental committee meetings in reference to our evolving visions.

Phase 2: Implementation of the digital strategy

The digital strategy developed undergoes structured implementation with ongoing optimization.

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