Dr. Moritz Wolter

Postdoc at the HPC/A-Lab

I am responsible for machine learning-related research projects and teaching at our lab.

I am improving our understanding of machine learning algorithms, including the foundations and their behaviour at scale.

Currently, I am focusing on the following:

  • Text and Language processing with neural attention,
  • Deepfake detection,
  • and possible applications of quantum computers in machine learning.

Open source code for most of my research projects is available on Github. I maintain the Pytorch- and Jax- Wavelet-Toolboxes. A complete list of publication projects I contributed to is available on Google Scholar. Updates about recent and ongoing projects are available at wolter.tech .

I teach tutorial courses on the efficient use of our HPC infrastructure for machine learning projects and am organizing the ML-PhD-Seminar at the computer science institute.

If you are looking for a Master's thesis topic or another cooperation project, please reach out to me via Email.

Avatar Wolter

Dr. Moritz Wolter


Friedrich-Hirzebruch-Allee 8

53115 Bonn

curriculum vitae

  • Ph.D. studies in computer science at the University of Bonn
  • Master of Science in Mathematical Engineering at the KU Leuven
  • Bachelor of Science in General Engineering Science at TUHH.


Best Presentation Award

International Computer Vision Summer School 2018

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