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The Digital Science Center

Governance to develop and implement our digital strategy

The digital strategy continues to undergo further development in parallel with its implementation as part of a dynamic, highly inter-networked process. This requires working on digitalization issues in a coordinated and strategic fashion agreeing quickly on shared visions and objectives. 

Strategy center

The Digital Science Center (DiCe) is a central organizational unit at the University of Bonn tasked with the development, ongoing optimization and implementation of a new digitalization strategy. The DiCe conducts, coordinates and advises on the University’s strategy development process.

DiCe projects and milestones attained

DiCe projects are identified, prioritized and executed with the help of all players involved to turn vision into reality, in a spirit of innovation. DiCe functions as a coordinator between the parties involved in joint DiCe projects.

Digital strategy

A participatory strategy development process with the involvement of the faculties leads to a digital strategy in place university-wide with cross-departmental scope and relevance.

DiCe Board of Management

The DiCe is directed by a Board of Management, constituted by the Rectorate. Springboarding off the guiding visions defined for the organization, the DiCe Board of Management initiates and evaluates DiCe projects, clarifying resource-related questions. The Board of Management reports on the work and activities of the DiCe in various cross-departmental committee meetings.

Avatar Bennewitz

Prof. Dr. Maren Bennewitz

Vice Rector for Digitalization and Information Management (DiCe Spokeswoman)
Avatar Gottschalk

Holger Gottschalk

Avatar Impekoven

Dr. Holger Impekoven

Vice Provost (Director of DiCe's Services field of operation)
Avatar Mutzel

Prof. Dr. Petra Mutzel

Scientific Director of the HPC/A Lab (Director of DiCe's Research field of operation)
Avatar Sandmann

Prof. Dr. Klaus Sandmann

Vice Rector for Learning, Teaching and University Development (Director of DiCe's Teaching field of operation)
Avatar Witke

Prof. Dr. Walter Witke

for the chair of the faculties' conference
Avatar Zimmer

Prof. Dr. Andreas Zimmer

Vice Rector for Research and Early-Career Researchers

The DiCe Coordination Office

The DiCe Coordination Office supports the Board of Management’s work across three fields of operation. One core task is publicizing the activities of the DiCe around the University by means of meetings, discussion platforms and knowledge databases bundled together as the DiCe Forum. The DiCe Coordination Office oversees these projects and reports to the Board on project status, and organizes the DiCe project forum open to all University members.

Avatar Müller

Carolin Müller

DiCe Coordinator

Raum 4.005

Adenauerallee 72-74

53113 Bonn

Avatar Seyfferth

Dr. Benjamin Seyfferth

DiCe Coordinator

Raum 4.005

Adenauerallee 72-74

53113 Bonn

Avatar Schürheck

Daniela Schürheck

DiCe Team Assistant

Raum 4.006

Adenauerallee 72-74

53113 Bonn

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